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What is REAL Hope? REAL Hope is an acronym for Real Estate Agents Living in Hope, a non-profit started here in Morgantown, WV.


Fun Fact, we aren’t all Real Estate Agents and that’s ok, that’s not what defines us.

Who is REAL Hope? Our members consist of Shelley Johns, Genesy Peguero, Rupa Hulet, Jay Rollo and Schyler Nichols.


Why did we form REAL Hope? We came together as a group when one of Shelley’s clients became distressed and in need of Hope and Guidance. Not to get into depth here, but a client of Shelley’s committed suicide in the house that he lived with his fiance and 2 daughters/step son. We all have one thing in common, empathy and the desire to give back to our community. We ended up raising money for some of Jennifer’s unforeseen expenses as well as providing new flooring/ closing cost help for her new house. Jennifer keeps in touch with us to this day. Shelley loves hearing from her and her progress.


REAL Hope helps and guides individuals or families in the community in distress on a case by case basis. Our goal is to be a light for individuals in need. Create Hope.


How does REAL Hope help? We formed in October of 2020. We are fairly new at this but the 2 individuals that we have/are guiding just basically fell into our lap. We were wanting to help another family/ individual in the community and our current person was just under our nose.

REAL Hope examines each individual’s circumstance and brainstorms avenues to provide assistance with whatever burdens our person is carrying.

Where is REAL Hope? We are based out of Morgantown, West Virginia. However, we aren’t limiting the area where we guide people in need.


"Where there is Hope, there is a way."

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a group of Real Estate professionals that gives back to our community.

Group Hug

Our Vision

To give back to those in our community who have suffered loss by fundraising & providing resources available to us as real estate professionals.

We Need Your Support Today!

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